Website of DSWA of GB, Branches, professional members, leaflets, discussion page.
The Yorkshire Dry Stone Walling Guild's an organisation primarily based in North Yorkshire.
The Guild of Cornish Hedger's website.  A wealth of information on all things Cornish hedge.
DSWA Ireland
A blog based site promoting walling in Ireland- not linked to DSWA of GB
French site with a wealth of information particularly on Dry Stone Architecture and the stone huts ("Cabanes") of France.
Website of the Kentucky Conservancy.
US Stonefoundation, includes partial access to back-copies of excellent Stonexus magazine.
Vermont organisation training in, and promotion of, walling.
Site of Dry Stone Walling Across Canada.
Site, mostly an occasional blog from the Dry Stone Guild of Canada, which aims to promote standards and ceertification in Canada.
Sean Adcock's website identifying the best stonework of Britain and Ireland, articles and photos.
Dry Stone Resource is a site set up by Mark Jurus as a repository of technical information/guides. Individual masterclass articles from Stonechat are available as pdfs.
Professor Borut Juvanec of Ljubjana University's website looking at stone huts in Europe and beyond
Website and blog of the work and art of Vermont Master Craftsman Dan Snow.
The dry stone based photo blog of Norman Haddow Blog updated 2/3 times weekly.
Daily photos and thoughts from Dry Stone Walling Across Canada President John Shaw-Rimmington.
Occassional blog of Maryland USA Waller Mark Jurus.

Guide to megalithic Europe

Historic stone structures of NE USA
David Sallery
Website promoting the work of Sean Adcock and walling in general.  Contains a library of Sean's articles


Canghennau Gogledd a De Cymru
North and South Wales Branches