Cyn Canghen Gogledd Cymru
Former North Wales Branch
Obituary: Terry Eggleshaw MBE former chairman of DSWA of GB

Dry Stone stuctures in Finland.  Charles Hazard:  Overview of the role of dry stone walling in Finland

Rogues Gallery.  Mortar backed stonework, Tregarth, Gwynedd.  Poor grading  and grouping of stone.

Innovation in North America.  Norman Haddow:  A look at some interesting structures built recently in USA and Canada

California Dreaming.  Sean Adcock: Review of a trip to the Stone Foundations 2010 Symposium/Workshop held in venture California.

Masterclass: Settlement.  Sean Adcock:  How  settlement affects dry stone walling, with particular reference to the role of coverbands.

Turkish Delight for Valentines Day.  Sean Adcock:  A look at some of the ancient stone structures of Turkey's Mediterannean coast: Perge, Aspendos, Side, Myra and Termessos.

Painting Anglesey Red.  Craig Shuttleworth.  Re-introducing the red squirrel to Anglesey.

The Dry Stone Huts of France.  Christian Lassure: A broad outline of Christian's book Dry stone huts of France published in 2004.

Hiska at Kras in Slovenia. Domen Zupancic: The dry stone huts or Hiske of NE Slovenia

Book Review. Alex Turner: Review of Borut Juvanec's bilingual (Spanish/English)Hut of Extremadura: Jewel in Stone /Chozo de Extremadura: Joya en Piedra. Published by the Spanish ARTE.

One World Garden.  Andrew Loudon:  Andrew takes us through some of the technical details of this Pinnacle Award winning project commemorating the International Scout Jamboree in Chelmsford.

Dry Stone Conservancy Builds Bridges in America.  Part 1.  Jane Wooley: First of a two part article looking at structures rebuilt by the Kentucky Stone Conservancy.  Concentrating on the renovation of the 'Wilmore culvert' a double arch bridge.

Rogues Gallery. Mortar backed retaining wall, Llanberis, Gwynedd.  Poor grading, bad joints and tracing. 

Twlc Mochyn - Welsh Circular corbelled pigsties.  Gerallt Nash: A look at one of the few types of dry stone hut found in Britain.

A Canadian Blackhouse. Dean McLellan.  We are taken through the building of Scottish blackhouse at the 2009 DSWA Canada 'Rocktoberfest'.

North Wales Quarry Buildings.  Sean Adcock:  A glimpse at some of the dry stone buildings which can still be found in derelict Welsh Slate Quarries.

Masterclass:Theory of Corbelling.  Part 1. Sean Adcock:  An introduction to the mathematics/physics of corbelling and cantilevering stones to form a `false dome` or triangle.

Rogues Gallery.   Cheek.  A poor wall end on the A5, Malltraeth Anglesey.

Stone Shelters from the South.  Borut Juvanec:  Dry stone shelters from Sinai (Nawamis), Palestine (Mantarah), Morocco (Tazota ) and Yemen (Howd)

Les Cabanes aka "Village Des Bories", Gordes, Vaucluse.  Christian Lassure:  A hamlet of around 20 dry stone huts, now an open air museum, is described.

La Cabane Canadienne. John Shaw-Rimmington:  The building of a cabane at the 4th Canadian Dry Stone Walling Festival held in 2008.

The Cleits of St.Kilda.  Nick Aitken:  An outline of the most prolific concentration of dry stone huts found in the British isles on the Hebridean Island of St Kilda.

The Kielder Wave Chamber.  Sean Adcock:  A look at the dry stone cameras obscura of landscape architect Chris Drury, with particular reference to one project alongside Kielder Reservoir, Northumberland.

Giren.  Andrew Brown-Jackson:  A personal account of walling on Malta and a brief review of Michael Fsadni's "Girna- The Maltese corbelled Stone Hut".

Masterclass - Corbelling.  Part 2. Sean Adcock:  continuing a look at the theory of corbelling.  Length and inclination.

The Archers Pavilion.  Dan Snow: the building of a dry stone 'tent' in Vermont USA.

Dry Stone Conservancy Builds Bridges in America.  Part2.  Jane Wooley: second of a two part article looking at structures rebuilt by the Kentucky Stone Conservancy.  Concentrating on the Corwin Barn restoration and the reconstruction of Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct retaining wall.

Stone Chambers in North-eastern United States.  James Gage.  An overview of some of the 500 or so historical stone chambers found in the region.

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