Cyn Canghen Gogledd Cymru
Former North Wales Branch

Baalbek - An enigma:  Vince Lee.  How did the gigantic 'mexalithic stones' underpinning the Roman temple at Baalbek in the Lebabnon, get there?

Lime Kilns:  Anthony G Keates.  A look at the development of stone-built limekilns from early field kilns to industrial scale operations.

The Stone Bridge - part 1:  Patrick McAfee.  First in a series looking at the design and build of stone bridges.

Clawdd Cuckoo Land:   Sean Adcock.  Adapting Clawdd walling for cold climates at the Canadian Festival of Stone, held at St Marthe, Montreal  October, 2012.

From Penrhyn, Wales to Penryn, California:  Douglas Brown.  The life of Griffith Griffith from North Welsh slate to Californian Granite.

The Chelsea Trullo:  Andrew Loudon. Creating a corbelled roof for Nigel Dunnett's Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Garden at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show.

Masterclass: Problems and planning part 2:   Sean Adcock.  How poor grading can lead to poor jointing.

Rogues Gallery : A detailed rogues gallery, a bit of a rant asking whether people get what they deserve?

BRANCH NEWS : A brief look at the main events the North Wales Branch has lined up for 2013 and the new committee, Branch Diary 2013.

Sharps 'n' flats - A medley on flint as a building material: Shawn KholucyA look at the history and use of flint as a building material in east Anglia.

Bakersfield?  Sounds like a place in need of a bake oven:  John Shaw-Rimmington.  A look at a project to build a bake oven in California.

'Fresh Footsteps Tread An Old And Well Beaten Path' - The Dry Stone Association of Ireland:   Ken Curran & Waldemar Wower.  The recent birth of the Irish incarnation of DSWA by its founder members.

The Pixie Houses Of Devonshire:  Roger Perry.  The stone houses used to store fire ash around Dartmoor.

Masterclass: Problems and planning part 1:  Sean Adcock.  How one fault often leads to another and the importance of recognising how these develop and thinking ahead

Booklets: Codi Cloddiau/Clawdd Construction; Stonework:  Sean Adcock.   What's in two booklets recently published by the North Wales Branch?

The Carlow Fence:  Fran Coady/Nick Aitken.  A note on this famed Irish structure, followed by a review of a book on the same.

Tigh na Cailleach  -The House of the Old Woman:  Norman Haddow.  The story of the repair of an 'ancient monument' in Glen Lyon

The Physics of Dry Stone Walls (Part 2):  Theo Schmidt.  The theory behind dry stone retaining walls.

Potato houses: Sean Adcock.  Clamps and root cellars in Wales, Yorkshire and USA.

Rogues Gallery: Another look at "Zippers", a type of running joint.

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