Cyn Canghen Gogledd Cymru
Former North Wales Branch


Corbelled Constructions on Menorca: Borut Juvanec.  The history and typology of dry stone buildings on Menorca from caves to  Barracas/Pont de bestiar via naveta and talyots.

Espai  paret seca - the dry stone wall space:  Frédérique Mahieu and Sean Adcock.  The dry stone features of Menorca and a detailed look at a new construction on the island, illustrating wall types and features.

The Yorkshire Rogue:  John Heslegrave.  Analysis of a failed repair at Gunnerside in Swaledale.

Surprising Finds and Related Observations in Sundry Japanese Stone Work: Evan Oxland.  Mostly bridges of varying design, along with some stone carpentry.

Masterclass: Problems & Planning part 3:  Sean Adcock.  A detailed look at how stones similar in type (size/shape/geology) have a habit of grouping together, and a detailed analysis of dealing with the problem of '1 on 3'.

The StoneBridge - part 2:  Patrick McAfee.  The anatomy of a bridge, definitions and descriptions of the main components of a bridge.

Hammering it Home #1:  Alan Ash.  An introduction to the world of masonry hammers.

Griffith Griffith (Re)Visited :  Sean Adcock.  Following on from an article in Stonechat 27 the editor visits San Francisco's Fort Point and its Old Mint, and subsequently discovers JS Emery, Griffith's rival.

BRANCH NEWS:  A very brief report on activities in the year to date and the publication of 2 welsh language leaflets,Branch Committee and Diary.

There I was:  Kyle Schlagenhauf. An epic dry stone project literally on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Asfontylitis:  Ioulia (Julia) Papaeftychiou.  The preservation of a dry stone settlement on the Cycladic Island of Amorgos.

Great Zimbabwe-A personal account:  Richard Tufnell.  One man's experience of one of the world's oldest dry stone settlements.

The nature of soil for drystone walling - with earth pressure calculation:  Theo Schmidt.  How the properties of soil can affect retaining walls, and how to calculate some of the forces involved.

Britain and Ireland's Walling Treasures: Redrawing patterns:   Sean Adcock.  Revisiting a "Waller and Dyker" article looking at distinctive regional styles, particularly the inclined stonework of Purbeck.

Masterclass. Planning part 4.  Grading Revisited: Sean Adcock.  An in depth look at whether large on small is good or bad, and  an extended examination of joints

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