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Stein und Wein Austria.  Sunny WeilerA photo journal of a week-long training and wine extravaganza held in Langenlois, Austria in 2015. AN EXTRACT FROM THIS ARTICLE CAN BE FOUND HERE

The Pinnacle of Trail Building.  Gavin Rose.  A dangerous section of pathway on Mount Rosea in the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia, is  tamed through the use of stone and a great deal of ingenuity.

The Shaping of Australia's Cultural Landscape. Raelene Marshall.  How early European immigrants adapted the dry stone skills of their Homelands to survive in a new and harsh Terrain.  Adapted/extended version of a paper presented to the 8th International Dry Stone Walling Congress in Switzerland 2002.

Walls in Australia: A Personal Recollection.  Sally Hodgson.  Sally looks back to a time in her early years as a dry stone waller, coupled with a look at "If these walls could talk" a report on the types of wall found in this part of Victoria.

Those dry-stone walls: stories from South Australia's stone age.  NIck Aitken.  A review of Bruce Munday's book about the walls of South Australia and the history behind them.

Australia's Indigenous Stonework. Raelene Marshall.  An insight into the ancient use and modern day management of dry stone structures (especially fish traps) by Australia's Indigenous people.  Adapted from a paper presented at 13th International Dry Stone Walling Congress in Sardinia Italy 2012.

Rogues Gallery.  How not to use Sydney Sandstone

In Search of Stones: a dry stone connection to land.  Sean Adcock takes a Brief look at a photo book by Raelene Marshall.

Masterclass. Masterclass:  Problems and Planning Part 5 -  A Pot Pourri Compromise.  Sean AdcockThe long drawn out series is concluded by a series of bits and pieces, mostly esoteric considerations which can lead to better walling.

Photos:  Mostly new Australian walls